I too didnt produce more than 2 tsp of breastmilk

by luz
(Prov, ri)

I understand the frustration. I too didnt produce more than 2 tsp of breastmilk with the breast pump.

I educated myself on breastfeeding after my 2nd pregnancy so that I could breastfeed and was looking forward to bonding and providing my child with antibodies against illness.

I was disappointed again with no milk. It does make you feel inadequate as a woman, especially after too csections, I never experienced what it was like to experience a natural birth and that added more to the inadequacy.

The nurses and doctors keep telling you the milk will come in, but it never does. There is no explanation or education about it, it does leave you really frustrated, depressed and alone.

My daughter in now 22 & my son is 6 and they turned out great. My six yo didn't get anymore ear infections or illnesses than a breastfeed baby and academically he does great. So it all works out, but there should definitely be more education out there about it.

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