I want to try again

by Chris

It is reassuring to hear other Moms struggle with this as well.

I have two beautiful girls at home, very healthy and another on the way. I struggled for 2 months with lactation consultants and feeding my daughter through medicine cups, using feeding tubes, taking supplements, pumping, etc. all with no success.

My daughters pediatrician finally told me it was fine and I had done nothing wrong, but the important thing was to give me daughters the nutrition they needed and they would flourish just fine with formula.

I had no pressure from anyone else, other than I know breastmilk is best, but when as a mother you can't produce it, it is the most horrific feeling to know that you can not give this to them.

I want to try again with my third and final pregnancy and have spoken with my doctor to line up help even before the baby comes.

My husband on the other hand knows how emotional this experience has been for me and is really encouraging me to start with formula right away and be ok with it knowing that I am a loving mom who always tries to do what is best for my kids.

I understand where he is coming from,but feel that I need to try because what if this time is different. I just hope that the emotional aspect is not too overwhelming again!

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