I'm an exclusively pumping mom

Hi moms, my name is Michelle Ngo and I'm a mom of four. I'm a mom who has always been an exclusive pumper.

It was a difficult journey for me but I went as far as I could. What made it especially hard was the time that it took to pump, wash bottles, feed my babies and still keep my sanity.

I decided to set out to find a solution for at least one of my issues. So, I designed a product that aids in washing the bottles faster, easier and more effectively.

I am trying to gain awareness for the product so that I can bring it to all moms who share the same frustrations. Can you help me or give me advice on how I can get my message out there because I am having a hard time getting my voice heard. From one mom to another, thank you so very kindly for your time and help.

Michelle Ngo

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