I'm proof that sometimes breastfeeding just can't be done.

by Michelle

I am currently trying to feed my 6 week old baby too, but not having much success at her latching since day 1.

I don't have very much milk either but everything is very different. Fortunately I successfully breastfed my first 3 children, one for 19 months, one for 9 months and the third for 14 months.

For some reason with the fourth child I cant produce enough and cant latch her. I am pumping about 2 ounces from one breast and 1.5 from the other every 3 hours. Since Ive experienced successful breastfeeding 3 times before, I have such mixed feelings about this one.

Ive done everything from hospital pumps, to herbs and then to the doctor for some meds all with no success at increase. I think I'm proof that sometimes breastfeeding just can't be done.

Hang in there anyone with similar problems, and whatever you do is for the health of your child. I'm going to keep trying for a while, but I'm a busy mom of 4 so we will see what happens.

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