I'm so frustrated and need advice

by Dena
(Ontario canada)


My baby is now 7 weeks old, from the get go I have suffered from a low supply.

My story:
My baby was born at 40 weeks and 4 days, I had a 21 hour natural birth with no epidural.

I tested positive for gbs, so I had two rounds of antibiotics during my labor along with IV fluids.

My beautiful baby girl was born weighing 8lbs, 15oz. After her birth, I initially wanted skin to skin contact and let her find her way to the nipple to feed.

Instead my nurse forced her onto my nipple for close to 1 hour( with only 15 min of skin to skin), finally getting her to latch with a nipple shield.

I was too exhausted to tell the nurse what I wanted, which I am still regretting!

I only used the nipple shield during our stay at the hospital, it actually made feeding more painful for me.

During our first week, I was feeding what I thought was every two hours, but I was counting the timing wrong so it ended up being every three hours.

If my daughter was hungry between, of course I would feed her. During the nights, she would cry for hours on end, even though I was putting her to my breast every hour.

By her two week doctors appointment she had lost almost 2 pounds, I was told to start supplementing 3 oz of formula at every feeding.

That same day I was able to meet with a lactation consultant, she suggested I use a lactation aid to supplement the formula rather than a bottle.

At every feeding, I put my daughter to each breast, when she seems to show me she is no longer interested, I add the lactation aid to top up her feeding.

When my daughter was 2 weeks old I started pumping after every feeding using a hospital grade medela pump, and was pumping half an oz between both breasts.

know pumping is not an indication of how much milk is being produced, but it was so frustrating.

I immediately started taking blessed thistle and fenugreek. When I would go to my weekly lactation appointments, my daughter was doubling her amounts received from me.

She eventually got up to 1.5oz. I continued pumping, taking the herbs and drinking milk made tea, but my supply didn't seem to increase after that.

I also have Vasospasm. I started eating red meat again, thinking maybe that may help.

I've added alfalfa to my list of things along with oatmeal cookies. With the alfalfa I noticed I was able to double what I was pumping, and for the first time I experienced leaking.

I ended up going to the jack newman breastfeeding clinic at 5weeks, where it was discovered my daughter had a posterior tongue tie.

The day I had her tongue tie clipped, she wasn't able to hold onto my breast and draw out milk, so my husband and I used a syringe to feed her.

That next morning I was able to pump 6 oz, I guess because she has not removed milk from me for almost 1 day.

During her first week, she had a bad latch, which left me with bleeding, cracked nipples. I also experienced it again after her tongue tie was snipped.

Since then, I took a one week break and have returned just returned to pumping, pill popping, oatmeal and tea.

I just introduced power pumping to my routine.
I keep thinking it's got to increase with all that I'm doing, but I don't know if that is possible at this point.

A recap of everything I'm doing: feeding on demand, but no long than 3.5 during the day and 1 5 hr stretch at night.

Pumping after every feeding, I skip one at night time. 1 power pump each day (today is day two) Im still using the lactation aid. I'm taking blessed thistle, fenugreek and alfalfa. I'm eating oatmeal everyday, I'm drinking milk made tea daily. I do breast compressions while feeding and pumping.

I guess I am writing this because I am so frustrated!

I just don't understand why my supply is so low.

I am a healthy person, with no health issues, I only eat real food, along with the occasional Harvey's burger.

I've been an emotional wreck about the entire thing, I'm finding it really hard to accept I'm not able to provide the basic necessity of life.

One day I'm great and the next day I'm trying to figure out what went wrong and picking apart everything that has happened in the last 7 weeks.

My friends and family keep telling me to give up and give in to formula. There is nothing wrong with formula, but, I do not believe it compares to breast milk, and the formula I'm giving her is organic and from Germany, but still no comparison.

I received a prescription for domperidone, but I am so reluctant to take it.

I believe natural is the best way to go with all things in life and I'm worried that one day there will be a new study stating of a new side affect it could potentially have on my daughter or myself and I would never forgive myself.

I guess I was looking to rant to those who understand how hard it is and also for advice.

Any other suggestions on things I can try?

Taking the domperidone is my last resort, In taking the domperidone, how long did it take to work? Did you experience side effects?

Were you able to take it for a short time and then get off and have your supply remain the same?
Thanks so much!!!

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Aug 17, 2014
by: Tracy

Hi Dena

What a great mommy you are! You have gone through so much, and have stuck in there to give your baby the best!

Before I write about anything else let me tell you about my experience with Domperidone. I was also worried like you, that it would have a negative effect on us. I understand your concerns. I do believe that it is a better option than giving your baby formula. Thats just my opinion. In my case the Domperidone took two weeks to work, once it did my milk supply more than tripled, it was wonderful! I even had extra milk for storage! Unfortunately the stuff it expensive here and you need a prescription here in South Africa. As soon as I stopped taking it, my milk supply dropped again. Even if I had the money, I would not take it for longer than two months...just because it is medication.

Other things that have helped me are seaweed. If you like Sushi, its a wonderful way to increase your supply. If you can get hold of coconut water, its great too.

You know, any amount of breast milk is precious, so just keep giving as much as you can. I did that for two years. I could only exclusively breastfeed for about 2 months, the rest of the time I had to supplement. If you can, its best to find a reliable source for donor breast milk...this you could continue to use in the SNS.

I can really relate to how you feel, about being healthy, but not having enough milk. Its very frustrating, but don't feel alone, there are many women struggling with this exact issue.

Hang in there, you are doing great! ;-)

Feb 02, 2016
How I increased my low milk supply
by: Anonymous

I am Jenny and mom of two beautiful kids. I had a c-section during my 2nd time and was on medications due to infection, so my milk supply was low since the start. I exclusively breastfed my old baby girl and was going to do the same for my little one.
I was pumping less than 3 oz per pump and it was not sufficient for my boy.
He was not getting enough breast milk that was bothering me. I tried to put him on feeder, but he was not going to get it.
Finally, I managed to boost my low milk supply. A natural tea formula healthy nursing tea by secrets of tea was not only good in taste but also increased my milk production up to 7oz per pump.
I'll suggest all those moms who are having hardtime with low milk supply to drink this tea and get their milk production more than before.

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