Increasing milk supply after taking combined pill

by Nicky
(Sydney, nsw, Australia )

Hi, my baby is 19 weeks of age. Initially i struggled with low supply but managed to boost it.

For the past month, baby has been very distracted at the breast, in this time i also became unwell with a bad cold and baby refused the breast and was bottle fed until i was better. So when she was 18 weeks, i came to think baby wasnt interested in breast feeding, went to the doctor and got the combined pill (microgynon), which i took that day after being advised by the doctor that i could do up to 2 feeds a day while on the pill and my supply would slowly decrease over several weeks.

After taking the combined pill for 3 days (3 pills) and giving my baby 2 feeds for each of those days, my supply decreased dramatically - I could barely pump a few drops, but my baby became very distressed and wanted more boob. So on the 4th day i switched back to the mini pill (which i was on before) and started pumping and breast feeding her before topping her up with a bottle.

I feel I've made a horrible mistake and its made me quite upset and the combined pill also made me more emotional.

I've been pumping/feeding for 4 days and have been taking fenugreek for the last 24 hours. My breasts still seem soft, I can express about 20-30mls from each breast but its tricky because my breasts are soft (I use to be able to express 210ml), but if I hand express I can actually make my milk spray out still.

Do you think it's possible for me to get my supply back up?

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Aug 30, 2013
Boosting Milk Supply
by: Michelle


I do think it is possible to get your supply back up gradually. Firstly, I would not be on ANY pill. I would also suggest pumping at night. I had low milk supply and would always get more when I pumped at 2am. This is because your prolactin rises while you sleep at night and then surges even more in response to breast feeding. So to get your prolactin (the milk making hormone)as high as possible, you need to pump at night - and feed to if baby wakes then.

I personally used an SNS - supplemental nursing system. This is a bottle, but instead of having a nipple at the end for baby to feed from, it has a long thin tube, which is taped so that the end of the tube is at your nipple. This way baby can be breast fed and topped up with formula or expressed milk from the bottle while you get your supply back up. The more times baby feeds from the breast rather than the bottle, the more your supply will increase, and an SNS will allow this to happen. Also, I found it useful because my son did not want to have a bottle but wanted to breast feed so this allowed me to do it while my breast milk was not enough.

I personally tried fenugreek supplements found they did nothing for me. After I stopped breastfeeding, I read another womens story on this site who said that the supplements also did nothing for her but that when she brewed the actual feenugreek seeds, that did the trick.

Lastly, I also took a medication known as Motillium which I got from my doctor. It is prescribed for low milk supply - it contains prolactin which is the hormone that your body makes to produce milk. I am in Melbourne so you being in Sydney should be able to get this too. But I would really get off the pill to stop messing with your hormones further while you try and restore your breastfeeding hormones.

Sep 01, 2013
You Can Do It!!
by: Lyssa

It is very much possible for you to regain your supply! First, it is important to stay on the "mini" pill. It seems that the other pill you were on, while possible to use while nursing, effects your supply too much to contine to use.

Take a "nursing holiday"! Take a few days to just spend in bed with your baby, skin to skin. (Usually with your shirt/bra off and baby in just a diaper).

I would also sugest nursing on demand or at least every two hours if you are not already. "Soft" breasts are normal as milk becomes regulated to only produce the amount baby needs, so I would not take that as an indication of low supply.

You can also "power pump" between feedings. Hook up your doubble electric breastpump and do twenty mins on, twenty mins off for an hour, rest an hour, and repeat several times a day to simulate baby feeding more often. It may take a day or two for your body to respond, so don't give up.

Also, there may be a medical reason, usually a thyroid imbalance, for your low supply. It is important to talk to a doctor about this before startig any medications or alternitive medicines as they could have side effects for you and baby.

You can do it, mama!

Feb 02, 2016
Increasing low milk supply with a natural tea
by: Adah Chanel

I was coping with low breast milk supply pumping 2 to 3 oz at a time and got boosted through healthy nursing tea by secrets of tea. This healthy and effective tea has no preservatives, nor caffeine.

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