Infant Weight Chart & Weight Guidelines

Weight Loss and Weight Gain in Babies

Are you worried that your baby is losing weight?

One of the main concerns many Mothers may have, is the weight of their babies. Most babies will lose weight immediately after birth, but it may be cause for concern, if they lose too much weight.

If a baby is picking up weight well, it is a good sign, and it means that they are getting in enough milk. At the bottom of the page, is an online infant weight chart resource for the breastfed baby.

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Weight Loss Straight After Birth

Average baby weight loss:

The average weight for a baby to lose, is between 5 and 7% of their birth weight in the first few days, this weight loss usually stops after 5 days. 

Newborn Baby Weight Gain

The baby will then usually have picked up the initial weight that was lost by two weeks after birth. 

Infant not gaining weight:

A baby that loses more than 8% of their birth weight is seen as an under weight baby and will need to be checked. The mother and her baby will be observed for signs of breastfeeding problems. If a baby has sucking problems, it could delay the onset of mature milk, which could cause a drop of 10% in birth weight or more.

Healthy baby weight gain:

After babies have regained the normal initial weight loss after two weeks, breastfed babies usually pick up on average the following amounts of weight:

• Breastfed baby boys usually pick up about 40g per day.

• Breastfed baby girls usually pick up about 34g per day.

Infant weight gain should not be less than 20g of weight daily.

Growth of Formula Fed Babies Compared to Breastfed Babies

  • A breastfed baby will usually grow more rapidly in the first 2-3 months than a formula fed baby. After this period, their growth slows down. This is why it is important to check your baby’s weigh gain according to breastfed baby growth charts, if your baby is breastfed.
  • The newest WHO growth charts can evaluate each individual baby’s growth according to breastfed or formula fed differences and individual ethnicity. 

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