Infrared sauna & breastfeeding?

I'd like to use an infrared sauna, but it is not recommended for breastfeeding moms due to the detox that occurs & can affect the breast milk. I mostly breastfeed & supplement with formula occasionally.

Does anyone know how long these toxins stay in breast milk? Is it similar to alcohol? I'm just wondering if I could do the sauna & then not breastfeed for a certain amount of time?

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Sep 22, 2010
Safety of infrared sauna during breastfeeding
by: Anonymous

There is not a lot of info on this, but I did find that normal infrared saunas are said not be used while breastfeeding because of the radiation.

Something I found online...

'If a lot of time is spent inside an infrared sauna...more than one or two hours a day for several months...then there is a potential danger for elevated levels of radiation in the body. If sauna therapy has been recommended for weight loss or detoxing, it is best to use a different form of sauna to protect against radiation poisoning. Infrequent infrared sauna use has no danger for radiation.'

Read more: Infrared Sauna Dangers |

Nowhere online does it state anything about the time that a mother can stop nursing for, but what I do know is that with normal medical radiation treatments it's recommended to stop breastfeeding for a whole 24 hours.

I think that if you really want to do this, you should pump milk in advance before you go and then only breastfeed after 24 hours have then the toxins from your body and the radiation should have left your system.

The milk that you pump during those 24 hours should be thrown away.

Also drink lots of water afterward to help flush the toxins...and help rehydrate you (your milk supply could drop if you dehydrate)

There is a certain type of infrared sauna called Far - Infrared that is said to be safe while breastfeeding and can even help moms increase milk supply, maybe you should try finding out a bit more about that...

Hope this helps.

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