is latching on breast so difficult?

I had a normal delivery, but I felt very hard to get my baby latched on my breast.

My breast produced lot and lot of milk, but my baby refused to latch on. I tried harder and harder continuously for 1 month, but in vain.

I had to pump out and feed him. Then after a month since he refused to suck my milk production stopped and I had to give up on breastfeeding and go on to formula feeding.

Can anybody answer why my baby refused to latch when my baby was a normal one.

Everybody said I don't know to hold the baby...was I a bad mom?

I just cried in those months that my baby did not latch so I am depriving him of the nutrition which he was supposed to get from my milk. Does formula milk contain all basic nutrients required by a baby?..

I have lots of questions and I was not guided properly by not even one person on how to learn to overcome this problem and start breastfeeding efficiently.

I was unsuccessful mom. Am I?

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