Is my baby alergic to breast milk?

My baby was 2 weeks when I put him on formula because I wasn't getting enough breastmilk.

I realized he was so much constipated after 3 days so I stopped the formula after on the 7th day. He was able to poop but still strains and cries a lot.

He really passes gas while stretching. Went for an xray and he was full of gas. I stopped taking dairy products and eventually the excessive gas stopped. Still as soon as he swallows breastmilk there is very large bowel sounds, he still stretches though, but passes very light stool.

He is 2 months. I'm now asked to stop breastfeeding while giving him protein sensitive formula (Alimentum ) but making him constipated.

Wen I added the breastmilk again on the 2 day of the formula he was able to pass watery stool,then mucoid.

Could it be that my baby is allergic to the breastmilk?

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Apr 05, 2016
allergic to breast milk
by: Tracy


It is very unlikely that your baby is allergic to breastmilk.

Here is a page about "true breastmilk allergy"


This is a very rare condition and has to be confirmed with tests.

"true lactose intolerance" is also very rare and is usually only diagnosed at about age 10.

It sounds to me as if your baby is swallowing too much air while breastfeeding.

This page has tips to help prevent extra air intake while breastfeeding...

The gassy breastfed baby

Also, because formula was introduced, it has changed the PH of your baby's gut. This on its own causes issues. Please read the following pages on the importance of breast milk and the immunity and protection of the gut that breast milk offers.


Gut protection

Is breastfeeding important?

I would suggest that you first try to correct the air intake issues before getting your baby tested for ogalactosemia or "true lactose intolerance".

Hope this helps

Apr 06, 2016
Could be tongue tie
by: Anonymous

I highly doubt your baby is allergic my baby is now 3 months old and had the same gas issues in the beginning he also was put on reflux meds.. But it turns out he has a posterior tongue tie and that makes him take in lots of air when he nurses. We got it clipped with a preffered provider and have been doing streches and occupational therapy and i can say hes improving so much plus my nipples are hurting less and less. There is a page for tongue tie support on facebook if you are interested in learing more.

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