Is pumping always nescessary

by Tina

Is it always necessary to pump milk by hand, manual or electric pump, or should we pump if we have a problem like mastitis or thrush? when do we start pumping if it is essential?

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Aug 13, 2012
Breastfeeding and pumping
by: Zelda Behr

This is really a personal preference.

Some moms breastfeed and never pump others exclusivity pump.

I pump for 2 reasons, 1. if I have to leave baby with family and 2. when I'm away from my baby to prevent engorgement a drop in milk supply.

If you are going to pump do it in-between feeds.

Here are some more reasons to pump.

-Increasing milk supply.
-Going back to work.
-Giving daddy a chance to feed and bond with baby.
-To relieve engorgement.
-To help with fore milk hind milk imbalance.
-To reduce forceful letdown.

But I cant see why its a must so if you have no need don't bother with it.

Here is more on pumping and breastfeeding...

Hope this helps.

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