issues with milk ejection reflex

by mrs miriam horowitz

My problem is issues with MER. I always feel my reflex very strongly, even now, with my baby already 5 mos old. But sometimes, it just doesn't come. My baby gets very frustrated when that happens and will either cry himself to sleep or get extremely upset and give up.

These episodes occur out of the blue, with no relation to stress, changes, alcohol, smoking, tiredness, etc. It can occur even when my breasts are full when waking up! Baby will finish the available milk but no subsequent MER will occur and he will cry, hungry for more!

Oxytocin nasal spray brings immediate relief, but still...

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Nov 19, 2010
Sounds really frustrating!
by: Anonymous

I have a few suggestions that I hope will help...

- Try using breast compression while nursing, this will help bring on the let down reflex

- Some special breast massage just before breastfeeding can help start the flow of your milk

- You say you are not stressed out so that's really great because stress can hamper let down sometimes...have you thought of maybe singing a song or rubbing baby's hair while breastfeeding? This can help with the flow of Oxytocin which will help increase your flow of milk too.

- Try hand expressing or pumping a little bit of milk just before letting baby nurse...this gets the milk flowing and decreases baby's frustration.

I hope this helps...please let me know if it does, if it doesn't we can discuss certain herbs that can increase MER if you like.

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Nov 21, 2010
Have tried all
by: miriam horowitz

trust me, i have tried all of the above and more, nothing seems to work. the problem seems to occur at random times, like upon waking up in the morning, or just suddenly. I can't seem to attach any trigger to it. Baby will start nursing and nothing will happen, even if last session everything was fine!

Nov 30, 2010
one on one help

I think it's best if you get the help of a local La Leche league leader or professional lactation consultant in your area. She will advise you one on one, and will most likely suggest a few herbs too. It's really worth going to see someone in person as they can see exactly what the situation is.

All the best, and would love to hear from you again

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