It has been very trying.

by Susan

I am on my 2nd child and having trouble breastfeeding again. My mom says, "just go upstais and put him on your boobs" My aunt says, "well, I just could squirt milk across the room when I was breastfeeding". I have shed quite a few tears and am only in the 3rd week with my son.

When they require around 7 feedings a day you come up against this problem quite often. My boy had to go on the bottle in the hospital due to my hemorraging after delivery and not getting in any colostrum as a result. Then, I was not pumping very much either as last time. So, now I am trying to get my son to breastfeed after having the ease of the bottle.

Thank you ladies for posting, because I really needed to hear from other women who have had trouble. For someone who really wanted to breastfeed, this is not going the way I planned at all. It has been very trying.

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