It's not the most natural thing in the world.

I absolutely cannot stand all the posts on Facebook and forums that ridicule and criticize all moms that formula feed.

I tried and tried for 8 weeks. If I wasn't Breastfeeding I was pumping. It took over my life to the point I could not even enjoy my own daughter.

I ultimately had to start supplementing her at 2 weeks because she had lost too much weight. I was so depressed and down on myself.

The day I gave her her first bottle of formula I cried because I knew I had failed her and also because it was so good to see her guzzle down food. She was so hungry.

The most I ever pumped from both breasts in a day was an ounce. Maybe it had something to do with a c section and not having my child latch for 2 days because of being in the nicu.

The birth was traumatic for both. But regardless to all those women who are pro Breastfeeding, before you try to preach to the women who formula feed, stop for a minute and think, maybe it wasn't because the mom was lazy or took the easy road. Maybe just maybe it was an actual problem that the mom agonized over, became depressed about, cried every night about.

Now I have a healthy happy 9 month old and on my next child I will try and try but I will not agonize over it.

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