I've Exceeded My 2 year Goal... with Twins!

by Elsabe
(South Africa)

What breastfeeding twins look like...

What breastfeeding twins look like...

So I've shared my story about breastfeeding my son and then breastfeeding my Twincesses the first year of their lives.

Today I look back and think wow... I actually reached my 2 year goal with them... and exceeded it! On 3 February 2013 they will be two and a half years old and even though we are down to only feeding 2-3 times a week, we are still breastfeeding.

The second year has been easier. I'm not sure if I just got the knack of handling two babies (or rather toddlers) together, or if the tiny bit longer stretches of sleep made a difference or if it just gets easier as they learn to be more and more independent eventually?! But somehow and somewhere I started enjoying my Twincesses more and feeling less overwhelmed.

The Raynaud's gave me a bit of trouble the second winter as well. I again considered stopping, and had even more reason since they were older this time. But I just couldn't. I pushed through and tried some new things after researching it again.

What helped in the end was making sure I kept my breasts warm and covered as much possible. I also started drinking a glass of red wine few times a week, or at least on the days the pain was very bad. And I took a calcium and magnesium supplement in the evenings. Might not sound like a common or popular solution, but it worked for me.

Thank goodness this was something I only struggled with during the winter months and not all the time.

Breastfeeding twins is possible. Not easy always, but definitely possible. And it's worth it too! The benefits far outweigh the difficult moments.

If you are a twin mom or expecting twins, I hope you'll find encouragement and strength in my story to give it a try and push through. ;o)


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Jan 18, 2013
by: Tracy

Hi Elsabe

Thanks so much for posting an update! Cant believe the twins are turning two already!!

You are such an inspiration to all us breastfeeding moms!

Against all odds, you did it!!

Congrats! ;-)

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