Lactose overload or dairy allergy?

by Kelsey

My son couldn't latch for the first 2 weeks due to tongue tie, so I pumped and would get about 5 oz on each breast.

Now I'm able to breast feed, but he will only latch with a nipple shield. The first couple weeks I was able to breast feed he would act hungry continually and be on the boob all the time and very fussy.

Now I think my milk production has gone down due to supply and demand and I only pump a couple times a day and I get 2 or 3 oz on each side so I think I'm making less, but also that's after he has breast fed.

His whole life he's had a persistent diaper rash that gets so bad that it will bleed. I've tried lots of creams and nothing gets rid of it.

Yesterday he had green mucusy poop. He gets fussy in the evenings. He doesn't burp much, but he is flatulent. He spits up a small amount 2 to 4 times a day. But now he will eat for 15 to 20 min from 1 breast before stopping and it will feel soft, then I offer the other breast. So I don't know how it could be for milk hind milk imbalance.

Yesterday I thought it could be dairy allergy, so i cut out dairy yesterday and by last night, instead of pooping before during and after every diaper change" he went 3 diapers in a row with no poop.

Do you think this is dairy allergy or foremilk hindmilk imbalance?

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Sep 07, 2015
dairy allergy or foremilk hindmilk imbalance
by: Tracy

Here are a few pages that will help...

Why is my baby fussy?

Infant growth spurts and breastfeeding.

A few tips to prevent that persistent diaper rash...

* Change your baby's diaper at least every two hours. This keeps your baby's skin dry and clean.
* Rinse your baby's bottom with each diaper change, especially after a "number 2".
* Allow your baby's bottom time to dry, before putting another diaper on. Give your baby a few "free hours" during a day, in which he is allowed to be bare bottom. Just make sure he is on a clean surface during this time.
* When using material diapers, always rinse them a few times to remove any detergents. Also avoid the use of fabric softeners.
* A Lanolin based diaper cream can heal a diaper rash quickly.
* Use a wet cloth to clean your baby's bottom instead of baby wipes.
* Try a different diaper brand. The one you are using may be causing allergic reaction.
* Adding chamomile tea bags and oats tied up in a sock and placed in your baby's bath water will help to soothe diaper rash.
* There is a diaper remedy that is used that is said to work really fast, that is a mixture of equal parts of Zinc oxide, Bordreaux's butt paste and petroleum jelly.
* If this doesn't work, you can ask your doctor to prescribe a special anti-fungal or steroid cream.

I don't think your baby has foremilk/ hindmilk imbalance, it might be allergy related, here is a page about allergies in the breastfed baby...

Allergies and breastfeeding

Please consider seeing a lactation consultant in your area.

Hope this helps.

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