latch issue

by Janie Leblanc
(sturgeon falls, canada , ontario)

Our baby girl almost 4 days old now and were having latching issues. She did well initial feedings at hospital and later diminished.

My nipples are not really well exposed leading me to think its harder to engage her sucking motion. When I present my finger to palate (roof of mouth) her sucking is fully engaged. What could be done to stimulate that area (palate)?

I have purchased nipple shields, have been told that they will not help the cause seeing they are very pointy. Baby will only get used to sucking on that part instead of doing wide cover over nipple.

What do you think?

Last feedings were done with finger sucking and milk introduced by siringe tube, works well but I don t want to give up breastfeeding.

Baby s wet diapers and stool are normal
My breast milk as been in for last 12 hrs.

Spending lots of time at each feeds, getting stressed a little but don t want to give up.

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Jul 23, 2013
some advice
by: Tracy, CBC, CLD

Hi Janie

First off, I would just like to say "well done!!"

You can continue to do as you are, it should only take a few weeks before baby learns how to effectively breastfeed from you, even though your nipples are a little flat. Your nipples will also "come out" as baby continues to breastfeed.

Nipple shields are frowned upon, because they may decrease your milk supply, but if you have tried them and they work well for baby at the moment, then there is no harm in using them for the time being. You might just need to pump in-between nursing sessions as well, to keep your supply up.

Just spend as much time with baby at the breast as possible, even if baby is getting fed via alternative feeding methods such as the syringe, you can let baby comfort feed, for practice. Also lots of skin to skin contact is important.

Have you thought of using a SNS "supplemental nursing system" ?? Its a little bottle containing your milk or donor milk, attached to a little tube that is inserted in the side of baby's mouth while you breastfeed. This way your own milk supply is increased while baby practices to feed and at the same time gets nourished.

It all just takes a little time, but hang in will be so worth it in the end!

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