latching problems due to big nipple

by Nureryani

Hi, im having problems to latch my bb to my big nipple. Had the same problem w my first child too..

ive tried using cup feeding method but baby gets little milk due to spills. The nurses told me that if i direct feed then top up the milk w a bottle feed, it won't confuse the baby. Is that true? Anyone has any experience?

With my first child, i alternate breast feed & bottle feed. Thanked god, he still wants the breast. My second child really can'!

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Jun 13, 2013
by: Tracy, CBC, CLD

Hi Nureryani

How old is your baby? You can give the bottle to your baby after 6 weeks, it should not cause problems.

Before you give the bottle, you can try the tips on the following page on breastfeeding with large breasts and nipples...

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