latching problems/exclusive pumping

by Aminah

I have been exclusively pumping since my son had elevated bilirubin levels a couple of days after he was born.

I did try breast feeding but he got dehydrated so, trying to be a good mother and sticking to my guns with breast milk, I began pumping to supplement.

After that ordeal was over, he wouldn't latch so exclusive pumping it was. We still have a very strong bond and I've had my milk supply established for a few weeks now so much that I only pump 2-3 times a day.

My son is almost 9 weeks and a very healthy weight. It is possible especial if you want the best of breast milk for your child.

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Feb 03, 2012
so true
by: Tracey

Totally agree with you. I pumped as well because I have inverted nipples and he wouldn't latch on. I wanted to give him the best, it was extremely hard for me as my supply was... it never has been very good even with my other 2 kids.

I persisted for 2 months when my supply started to drop and I couldn't keep up with the pumping schedule with looking after the other 2 kids, so I started to wean off and he was only getting 2 bottles for the next couple of months.

Totally gave up after much disappointment at 4 months. I still wish now I had more supply to keep going. So I feel very strong that if you cant breastfeed there are other options instead of giving up and going straight to formula. Glad to see other people are doing this also.

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