Losing too much too fast

by Rachel

I have an almost 4 month old. I lost pretty much all of my pregnancy weight by my 6 week check up.

I have not exercised one bit, I eat three meals a day and snack in between. I have always been a tall, thin women but I am a little concerned.

Since my 6 week checkup I feel as though I am still losing weight. I started eping (exclusively pumping around 8 weeks due to flat nipples). I am still doing so, but my little one seems to be increasing his appetite.

So here are my concerns, I feel like I am not supplying enough milk for him, I have used all that I had frozen since 5 weeks which was about 60 ounces. And I feel like I have lost too much weight.

Pre-pregnancy I weighed 136lbs and I am nearly 6' tall. I gained 35lbs during my pregnancy and lost every bit of it by my 6 week check up and have lost several more lbs since then.

None of my cloths fit, my pants fall off of me. I know that most women complain about not losing enough weight, but I am worried that I am losing too much.

I have always been a stick of a woman and I was enjoying having some curves for once. I have always had a high metabolism, I eat a lot.

I'm not sure what to do, about the weight and my milk supply, I wonder if they are linked?

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