loss interest in feeds

by Sarah Baldwin

Hi My lo is now 7 and a bit months and has had a bottle (originally of expressed milk) since 6 weeks and otherwise been exsclusivley breast fed, she has started to lose interest in feeds and my production slowed so i stopped pumping and gave formula in the bottle as her dreamfeed 2 weeks ago, she has taken this fine, Last week she dropped a further feed(late afternoon) and now due to colleague sickness i have agreed to go back to work earlier than anticipated and so i need her to take a formula bottle at lunchtime as i wont be here. I will still feed her first thing in the morning and last feed before bed and she will have formula at lunch and as her dreamfeed if she still needs it do you think this sounds ok? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated, Thanks

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Apr 21, 2012
mommy going back to work
by: Tracy

Your baby will most probably take the feed while you are not there, but if she doesn't she will take in more calories at night and in the morning when you breastfeed her. Just make sure to keep your milk supply up while you are at work too.

There are some babies that completely stop drinking during the day while mom is away and then drink at night or through the night. This is okay, as long as she is still picking up weight and having urine nappies daily with one poop nappy at least every 10 days.

You could also try expressing at work so that your baby has breast milk to drink during the day, this will make it more familiar for her and she will therefore be more likely to drink it. Whoever is looking after her can also try cup feeding her if she does not want to take the bottle.

Read more on cup feeding here.

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