Low Milk Supply Combination Feeding

by Neha

I am from India and its almost a sin here to give your baby formula for quite sometime.

I had planned on Breastfeeding my 5 month old son and was all set with The Breast Pump, Maternity Bras and pretty excited as well.

After i delivered, at the hospital we had to go to the Feeding room to fed our babies. First 2 days i didnt get any milk. From the third day, i started getting very little milk and was very thrilled about it.

I would go to the Feeding room to feed my baby irrespective of Milk not coming because the doctors and nurses kept telling me that the more you feed the more milk you will get.

Some of the mothers in the room would over flow with milk. After feeding their babies, they would also have to express. I used to really get depressed. My baby was never full with only my milk.

Once we got back home,i had to give my baby formula along with breastfeeding. I used to feel really guilty. Here i had a friend who had delivered few months before me and would exclusively breast feed her baby.

Now my baby is 5 months old and healthy. I love everything about him, But till date i feel bad for not being able to feed him :( I till date could not figure out the reason why i didn't get enough milk.

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