Making your own boppy pillow

by Tracy
(South Africa)

My boppy pilow...
For somebody who doesn't ever sow, I have to say I'm quite proud of the boppy nursing pillows that I have made. I designed it to fit my body while I was pregnant, but it seems to be just the right size for all the ladies who have used it. I enjoy my boppy nursing pillow so much and would have been lost without it. My boppy is especially great for breastfeeding in the football hold position as it is nice and long on the sides.

My boppy has made breastfeeding so much more comfortable, especially in the beginning months of breastfeeding. There are so many things you can use a boppy for! I use mine for breastfeeding, as a boppy total body pillow for leg support while pregnant, for keeping baby upright and my 4 year old toddler loves his boppy cuddle pillow, he sleeps with it every night.

A baby boppy pillow is so easy to can make your own.

All you will need:

- Sowing machine
- Cotton and pins
- Good scissors
- 2m inner material
- 2m cover material
- Stuffing (good quality)
- Newspaper
- Marker
- String

First off you will need to make a pattern that will fit your middle. Lay the newspaper on a flat surface.Spread your pants out so that you can get the width of your middle. Take a piece of string and measure from the middle of the pants to the outside, then cut this length of string. Now, you can use the string to get the right circumference for your boppy.

Make a center line and keep the marker on the other end of the string so that you can draw a neat circle. After this you can decide how broad you want your boppy, i make mine nice and broad for baby to lie comfortably.

Once you have the outline of the basic boppy pillow, you can cut it you have a pattern. Make an inner by cutting two pieces of material the same size as your pattern...use the pins to pin the pattern to the material. One you have done this you can sow a zip to the one side of your pattern, make sure that the right side of the material will show with the good side of the zip. Now turn the material inside out so that you can sow the two sides together. Once the two sides are sown together you can turn it inside out and fill with stuffing. Use the same pattern to make the Boppy pillow covers.

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Jan 17, 2013
by: So liana

I am very much amazed by your work , recently planned to engage in this business . And your courage fueled me.

Stay blessed


Aug 26, 2015
Great site - I recommend to every one
by: jina

Its a great post and first time see about custom boppy pillows.

I know how to create custom pillows, but its some thing different.

I would like to know what material are you using in that. This will be very helpful for the community.

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