Maybe Irregular Periods

Hello there :). I want to share this because I'm confused.

My baby now is turning 8 months this September 8. Before then I have my menstruation on January and February. But on March I didn't have a period.

I am breastfeeding my baby up to 2 months without any bottle. In April, I have a period, then on May, no period again. And on June and July I have period and this August no period again. My baby is mix feeding.

My question. Am I pregnant? We have unprotected sex. I am not comfortable of pregnancy test, it shows negative.

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Sep 07, 2017

by: Tracy

Irregular periods are normal while breastfeeding. The chances of you falling pregnant are increased due to the fact that you are not breastfeeding exclusively. If you don't want to fall pregnant, you should think of using some kind of protection.

Sep 13, 2017
I have the same situation
by: Anonymous

my baby is 1yr old and pure breast milk no formula sometime's he's eating solid food but still can't sleep without my milk.

I have my period last month, (Aug)but before that me and my partner didn't have any contact and I didn't have my period for this month (Sept).

I didn't try to pt yet but I'm pretty confident that it is just an irregular menstruation

Tracy, I've been planning to use a protection, do you have any recommended pills or protection?

I'm scared to use that implanted protection that will last 3 or 6months because of the side effects of not having any period/or having your period.

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