Medicine And Breastfeeding

Safe decongestant medication and breast feeding

Concerned about which decongestants are safe while breastfeeding?

All medicine while breastfeeding that is taken should be taken straight after a breastfeeding session, so that it has time to leave your system before breastfeeding again. Also always check with your doctor before taking any decongestants while breastfeeding.

The best decongestant medicine while breastfeeding

Natural remedies …

- Saline nasal spray

- Neti pot rinse

- A cotton ball with eucalyptus oil put under your nose can open the nasal passages.

- Using a humidifier with about 15 drops of essential oils like balsam or eucalyptus.

- Eating Cayenne pepper in your food can dilate the blood vessels and help with mucous drainage.

- Fenugreek tea is a natural decongestant and will help increase milk supply.

Other safe decongestant while breastfeeding…

- Pseudoephedrine and breastfeeding ~ Brand names for pseudoephedrine include Sudafed, Actifed, Halofed and Novafed, among others. These are safe to take on a short term basis, but have been found to reduce milk supply in some cases. It is recommended to only take this drug after your breast milk is established (month into breastfeeding)

- Phenylephrine and breastfeeding~ Some brand names: Sudafed PE, Robitussin CF, DayQuil and Tylenol Sinus Congestion and Pain, among others. This is a newer decongestant that has not had much research done, except for the fact that it does not reduce milk supply.

- Antihistamines and breastfeeding ~ Allegra, Claritin, Seldane and Actidil are safe in breastfeeding moms and has no effect on lactation. Benadryl is safe in moderation, but mom should check baby for signs of drowsiness when taking any antihistamines while breastfeeding.

- Muli-symptom medication that treats more than just congestion should be avoided because they contain more than just one active ingredient.

- Breastfeeding safe medicines nasal decongestant ~ Over-the-counter nasal decongestants that contain either oxymetazoline or phenylephrine. These are actually preferred over oral medications and are found in minute amounts in the breast milk because of minimal absorption.

Warning on medication and breastfeeding:

- With any medicine while breastfeeding it’s always best to keep an eye on baby for signs of drowsiness, fussiness, allergic reactions or any change in eating habits.

Factors that influence drugs found in breast milk

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