Milk came in late/mastitis/breastfeeding a screaming baby

by Mary

When I had my first son, I was determined to breastfeed, had done all the research, read all the books, and got LOTS of advice from family especially my mother who breastfed all nine of her children without a hitch...So when my son was born I thought I was completely prepared and ready to go...what a joke!

Three days later I still hadn't produced any milk and my pediatrician about screamed at me telling me I could've killed my son, he was so dehydrated without anything for those 3 days.

I was FLABBERGASTED and couldn't do anything but cry and cry as I saw them pumping him with fluid to hydrate..But my milk did finally come in later that night as I was back in the hospital with my son...but if I thought that was the end of my problems it was only the beginning..

My nipples were already bleeding at that point as my son was soo aggressive trying to get milk the first few days and I was in so much pain that I didn't even notice the mastitis symptoms until my fever spiked 104, I had mastitis in both breasts and both of my nipples were infected as well...thus sending me BACK to the hospital once again..

As I look back, I am shocked that throughout the entire ordeal almost everyone's advice was to keep at it and keep trying to breastfeed!

I remember almost fighting with my mother, in horrible, horrible pain and she still thought the only solution was to suck it up and keep at it and it would eventually get better... Well, enough was enough and I learned the hard way not to listen to others when it comes to your baby, even if it's your first go with your gut instinct!!

I wish I had, then I might be able to remember the first few weeks of my son's life with joy instead of how awful it was...I'm pregnant with my third child now and people still pressure me to breastfeed and even judge me, perhaps, but clearly they have no idea what it is like to try at something so hard only to have it fail again and again...I love bottle feeding now! It's STRESS and PAIN FREE!!

I also have incredible bonds with all my children and ending up bottle feeding all of them!

Breastfeeding is great for some women, but it is NOT for everyone! So if it's causing anxiety and stress, then it's much better to bottle feed and bond, than for a crying mom to try and breastfeed a screaming baby!!

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