milk from my affected breast

by Anon

I have just been to the doctors for what I thought was a clogged milk duct. Turned out, it was an pus-filled abscess which they had to drain then and there as it was quite large and I was feverish.

The doctor advised to continue to express from my affected breast, but not to give the milk to my 5 week old baby.

My question is- is the milk from my affected breast really not safe for my baby? It makes me want to cry when I have to throw out 4oz of breast milk down the drain! :(

Please help.

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Jul 23, 2012
continue breastfeeding
by: Tracy

Don’t worry about baby getting sick from the infection (even if pus is visible in the milk),
moms are always advised to continue breastfeeding…it cannot harm baby in any way.

So you do not need to pump and dump, in fact you could get baby to breastfeed instead of pumping if there is no incision near the nipple, this will help drain the breast more effectively and help the healing process.

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