milk never came in

by Annie

I am so thankful I found this page. My daughter was born through emergency c-section. I lost a lot of blood and she was in the NICU for several weeks very very critically ill.

My milk never came in although everyone at the hospital always said it would. I pumped and took herbs and drank tea and tried medication and pumped and pumped and pumped some more, hoping it would come in. It never did.

I have been pumping for months just to get her a couple of ounces a day and so that she could nurse once at night (she won't during the day because she has to suck too hard and long to get anything).

She's six months old now and I decided I should give up the pumping since I was spending so much time and energy struggling with it. My milk has disappeared completely overnight and I feel like my heart is breaking and I feel so alone. I wanted to breastfeed SO VERY MUCH and the internet and doctors make it seem like this never happens.

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May 12, 2012
I Sympathise
by: Michelle

Oh Annie, I feel for you. I too struggled with milk supply. I had to pump 7-8 times day and night just to get enough for 1 feed the next day.

And then I had to give all other feeds of formula. It was heartbreaking. I now know that the first 24 - 48 hours after birth are crucial for setting up your supply.

You say you were in ICU, so if you did not get to breast feed or express in this crucial time, maybe that is what stopped your milk coming in. This happened to someone I know with her 2nd child as her child was sick and she was not able to breastfeed straight away, yet she made milk for her 1st & 3rd child.

You have done amazing! To keep pumping and giving her breast milk up to six months in your circumstances!

My son is 11 months old now. At first I was devastated that I could not breastfeed. I used a supplemental nursing system for the first 3 months (a tiny tube that goes in his mouth and tops up with formula while I breastfed) but it was too much so then I bottle fed.

At the time I was devastated. But people kept saying to me how amazed they were that I persevered so long in my circumstances. Now I look back and I am proud of myself too.

Hopefully you will look back and be very proud of your efforts.

Dec 06, 2013
Me too!
by: Paula

Thank you for sharing your story! Love the part about how everyone acts like this never happens but its common enough that people should talk about it! I had emergency c-section at 41 weeks, didn't get to hold my son until day. 7. I would have pumped immediately but no one told me to, didn't start pumping until well into the next day after birth. Approaching 9 months I'm still pumping, max of 5-8oz a day.

Also I didn't pump at night enough because my baby slept thru very quickly. I decided I can't feel guilty about getting some sleep. The stress and anxiety were too much.

I still mourn that things didn't go normally but I remind myself that I have a thriving and perfect baby boy and all we can do its all we can do.

Best to you!

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