milk not out yet

by matt
(saipan, cnmi)

hi our baby was born yesterday and my wifes breast hasnt been able to produce milk. baby has been sucking on nipple almost everytime baby gets hungry. when baby gets really hungry we give him a bottled infamil for new borns.

we want baby to be breast fed but milk hasnt come out yet. we are getting worried about her breast not giving milk. the doctor said its natural for a few days for breast to not produce milk when baby is born. we panicked and bought some formula milk but still hoping for breast feeding in the future. advice please.

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Dec 31, 2012
mature milk
by: Tracy, CBC, CLD (CBI)

A mothers mature milk only comes in at about day 3, but if your partner had a c-section, it can take up to 5 days for the milk to "come in"

The colostrum that is produced before this time is enough for baby.

Moms should not give babies formula, as this takes away from the time that a baby would have spent at the breast.

Breast milk is produced on a supply demand basis, so in other words, the less time baby spends at the breast and the less milk removed from the breast, the less milk mom's breasts will produce.

Its really disheartening, the lack of information given to mommies in the hospital. ;-(

I hope by now, your partner did not give up on breastfeeding, I'm so sorry that I did not see your message sooner (the holiday season has been busy)

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