Miniscule amount of milk

Hi there, I was diagnosed with tuberous breasts 8 years ago. I had breast augmentation and the results we ok.

But anything would have been better than before! I would recommend choosing a surgeon who has done a few tuberous breast if you're considering this.

I felt so much better about myself afterward, even though I definitely didn't come out with awesome results.

I just had my first baby. I've known all along that breastfeeding was a long shot given the deformity and the surgery but I was still hopeful.

At 32 weeks I noticed I produced collostrum and was very hopeful! After birth, my baby was very good at latching/sucking. But unfortunately, my milk didn't "come in" as you would typically hear about.

The collostrum did turn a whitish color so I know I made milk, but the amount was miniscule. My baby cried and cried. I gave up and gave a bottle. She's been happy ever since.

I was so upset and felt like a complete failure. I'm a health professional that encourages breastfeeding. I feel like I always have to defend myself when people ask me about breastfeeding.

It is heartbreaking. But I thank God for my organic baby formula, that my baby is healthy and happy, and that I have so much to be grateful for.

So I just trust God with my life and with my baby's life. As mother's we do the best we can. That's all that's expected of us. We cannot help how are bodies are formed or if we do or don't make milk.

Next time though, I will try the recommendations in this article to see if it helps (progesterone, thyroid check, pumping, herbs, etc).

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