mix rice and fruit?

by kavita

6 month old baby not liking non-sweet(plain) liquids

I have introduced Rice and dal water at the age of 5 months start to my baby. She used to enjoy her food at the beginning. but when she completed her 5 months she cries a lot when i feed her the same dal and rice water. She is ready to intake any fruit juice.

Is it fine if the fruit and the rice are mixed together to make her eat the solid food. or would it lead to some allergy. Also I am afraid that she wud get into the habit of eating only sweet foods as she grows older.

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Aug 13, 2012
by: Zelda Behr

Babies need variety too and can get bored of the same food over and over.

Your baby is old enough to start giving pureed fruits and vegetables. Don't add salt or sugar to these, the natural sweet taste of the fruit is fine and it wont cause baby to only want sweet flavors.

It is fine to mix it with the rice as baby is already accustomed to the taste of this.

Always introduce one new food at a time and wait 3 days before introducing another new food to check for allergies.

Start with basic things like: pumpkin, carrots, sweet potato, steamed pear, steamed apple, banana.

Here is some more on starting solids and what food you can give....

Introducing solids

Weaning foods

Hope this helps.

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