Mom of 4th

by Sonia
(South Jersey)

My 4th baby just turned 7 weeks. He slept more than usual yesterday morning and skipped a feeding which resulted in my overproducing breast getting engorged.

It was very painful yesterday and from the look of the breast, it looked like it had a few plugged ducts. (There were hard nodules on the breast that wouldn't go down despite my baby's nursing.)

I tried to express as much as possible yesterday & when I woke up today, I took a very warm shower and expressed some more. That seemed to finally drain the breast to the point of almost comfortable. Almost.

After the baby nursed, I felt much better but the nipple skin is very raw from my baby's tough sucking. After all, my little guy is trying to get his nutrition out.

I am going to keep expressing a little, feeding him every 2 hours until bedtime when he can go longer and I am going to take an ibuprofen to relieve some of the pain emanating from the breast. I am hoping this will be a distant memory tomorrow.

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Apr 15, 2013
Update from Sonia
by: Sonia

After one day and a half, my overproducing/engorged breast was back to normal. I promised myself that I would not let my baby go longer than 2 hours without feeding for now.

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