more milk advice please

by Michelle MOLESWORTH

I had very low milk supply with my now 9 month son. He was losing weight when I breastfed. I took herbs, medication, expressed day and night for extra stimulation and used an SNS, Nothing helped. I BF for 3 months but the SNS was awkward and it was emotionally draining so at 3 months I went fully to formula. I would love to hear from others who had low milk supply and any ideas on what caused your low milk supply as we are now trying for baby two and I would like to try everything possible to avoid this happening again. Has anyone had low milk supply with one child but then made more for their second?

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Feb 21, 2012
low milk supply the first time around!
by: Tracy

Hi! Yes! I had low milk supply with my first baby, I tried to breastfeed but, failed miserably. With my second baby, I am still breastfeeding...going on 9 months.

It was a combination of not having the right information and then also, with each pregnancy, your breasts do grow. The glands mature and most moms find that they have more milk with each pregnancy.

Just equip yourself with the right info, lots of support and believe that you can do it!

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