mothers in the same situation

by Joce

So glad to find a support group like baby boy just turned 6 weeks and I have struggled to breastfeed since he was born. I'm a first time mom and went into my pregnancy "knowing" I was only going to feed him breast milk, whether it be nursing or pumping and bottle feeding...well when by day 5 I was barley producing any milk I started to really stress, which I've read makes things worse...I started to supplement with formula. This made me feel terrible and I started to get very depressed.

My husband begged me to just quit trying and go exclusively to formula. But I couldn't bring myself to do that, I wanted to be able to provide for me baby. As the weeks have passed milk supply just stayed the same, even after taking herbal remedies and pumping after nursing, I was only producing maybe 4 ounces a day between both breasts.

I wasn't going to stop trying until I read other mothers in the same situation. And now I think i can stop trying and just enjoy my baby, knowing im not alone and that formula fed babies can be just as healthy and happy as breastfed babies.

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