mothers who are unable to produce milk

by Jessica LaBounty
(Springfield, MO)

I was very happy to find this site.

I had these same issues. Nursing my daughter was very important to me.

When I was pregnant my breast never got any bigger. After having my daughter, I was never engorged. I pumped every 1-2 hours, I saw a lactation consultant, I took herbs, and even reached out to my doctor and received a prescription. Nothing worked. I would only pump about 4 oz per day.

After 3 weeks of trying and getting less and less milk each day I pumped I finally switched to all formula.

I was absolutely heartbroken. I still feel like my daughter and I are missing out on so much together.

There is a lot of support for nursing mothers and mothers who choose formula, but none for mothers who are unable to produce milk. Reading about other moms who have had the same problems I've had really helps.

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May 19, 2014
Support for mothers unable to produce milk
by: Michelle

I too felt like I missed out on a part of motherhood when I couldn't breastfeed. I went through pregnancy just assuming I would breastfeed and wondering why anyone would choose formula. For 3 months I pumped at every spare minute, took supplements and a prescription pill. I also used an SNS to feed my baby formula through a tube in the corner of his mouth while I breastfeed to try and encourage my own supply. Nothing worked.

At the time I was devestated by my situation and while of course, I would rather have enjoyed that relationship, I have to say that now I am proud of my efforts. We are now trying for baby number two and this time if I have low supply again, I am planning on SNS feeding until baby is 1 year old until baby is getting enough nutrition from food so that I can dump the SNS and enjoy a year of just breastfeeding with my limited supply.

Just wanted to share because I know how nice it felt for me to read other low milk supply stories and not feel alone. I had never heard of not being able to make enough milk to feed your baby until it happened to me.

You are an amazing Mum. You have put in so much more effort in the first few weeks of your babies life than others have to whom breastfeeding came easily.

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