Mourning exclusive BF

by Sophie
(Qu├ębec City, CAN)

I had always been told that it was IMPOSSIBLE to have low milk supply because of small breasts...

This turns out not to be true. After trying everything.... and I mean EVERYTHING (pumping, lactation consultant, massage, domperidone, feeding every two hours, and so on) to breastfeed my baby, I still had to supplement with formula after two months because of low weight gain.

I had to mourn the exclusive breastfeeding I had hoped for so much...

If you can't BF exclusively, it is hard not to feel guilty and inadequate but eventually, you realize that baby is better off gaining the appropriate weight, even if it is from formula... which after all is not bad at all...

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Feb 03, 2013
Good Attitude
by: Anonymous

I am so glad that you do not feel guilty about having to supplement. The baby's health is the important factor.

While I would like to point out that having small breasts does not automatically mean low milk supply (my cousin breast feel successfully and she has very small breasts), low milk supply does exist.

We are made to feel like breast feeding is natural and there is something wrong with us if we cannot solely breast feed. So I feel good for you that you are just happy to see your baby gaining weight and you knowing that you gave it your best!

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