mucous green stool with streaks of blood ????

I am exclusively breastfeeding my 3 weeks old baby and she is having green mucousy stools with streaks of blood for a week now.

I am off all dairy products for a week since I saw the blood in the stool also off eggs/beef/wheat and gluten.

Her stool sample came positive for blood and white blood cell. I am very concern why the blood and green mucous stool are still present in my LO.

How long will I have to wait, I am afraid her intestines will get worse and she will get worse.

She was gaining weight very well a week ago but not sure how she is doing with her weight this week.

I can say that she is not that fussy but the only concern is the blood in the stool.

I also left an appointment with the GI doctor in a month and I have a well visit appointment in 2 weeks with the pediatrician.

If you have any recommendation please please share them.

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Sep 21, 2016
my advice
by: Stacey


New research suggests that it is better not to avoid certain food groups in your diet, unless your baby's tests have come back positive for being allergic to something specific. Only then is it advised to avoid that food. It has been proven that avoiding certain foods can cause allergies. This goes against what most of us have been taught for years, I know. It took me a while to accept it.

So, another thing is this. Blood and mucous are actually quite commonly found in a baby's stool and not always a reason to be alarmed. You mentioned that your baby is happy and picking up weight, that is a good sign. A baby's digestive system has to make many changes and is developing every day. I would recommended that you just breastfeed as much as possible, the breast milk will heal your baby, if any healing is needed. But, if there are any other symptoms with the bleeding such as excessive fussiness, sleeplessness or weight loss you should see your doctor about taking those allergy tests. There are other things that can cause the bleeding such as a small rectal tear. Your baby's digestive system has fully matured by 9 months and by then you should see what we would call "normal" stools.

Maybe something to learn from other mothers with similar issues...
Blood in stool

(when reading that post, keep in mind that you should only avoid certain foods if your baby has tested positive for an allergy)

New research about peanut allergies

All about allergies - New research.

Hope this helps

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