My 3 month old eats very short meals...

by MichelleMichelle

He will only spend about 5-7 minutes on my boob and refuses to eat more.

He is gaining weight so I figured it was fine. But yesterday he had one green poo and last night he woke up to poo 3 times (he never goes at night) and went so much all day today.

The last couple Diapers had a little red blood in them. Also he has been very fussy. Do you think I have a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance?

It makes sense that he doesn't stay on there long enough to get to it. I haven't changed anything with my diet... I pretty much always eat the same things. So it couldn't be an allergy right? Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it.

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Jul 18, 2016
blood in stool
by: Tracy

Hi Michelle

Have you started taking any new meds?

If this continues, I would suggest that you get him tested for allergies. Nowadays it is not recommended to avoid anything in your diet. Unless if he has tested positive for an allergic reaction towards something.

Avoidance of specific foods (even cows milk, nuts, fish) is not necessary as avoidance can actually cause a reaction to something specific.

Since you have not had a problem before and have not changed your feeding frequency, I do not think you need to worry about foremilk/hiindmilk imbalance.

Just give it some time, if it continues go to a "breastfeeding friendly" pediatrician.

Please keep me updated.
Hope this helps

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