my 4 month old doesnt really drink at noon

by Claire

My baby refuses to drink at noon,from 11am to 5 pm,if I force him to drink,he cries out loud,is it ok if don't feed him at noon?

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Jan 18, 2012
baby not drinking at certain time of the day
by: Tracy

Hi Claire

It sounds as if your baby might be consuming more milk during other times of the day. This is a common occurrence, especially if he drinks a lot in the evenings.

It doesn’t matter when baby is receiving milk, just as long as he is getting in enough. Does baby sleep through the night yet?

You do not need to worry yourself about this, as long as your baby is still happy and picking up weight, everything is fine.

He might be going through a growth spurt too, at 4 months they do usually have another growth before you know it, the feeding patterns will change again.

Another reason could be that your baby is distracted too easily while breastfeeding, do you have a very busy household? If so, you will need to breastfeed him in a quiet, dim lit room.

Here are some pages that might help...

Growth spurts

Reverse cycling

Hope this helps! Let me know how things go, would love to hear from you again

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