My babys stool

by Maggie
(Sophia, nc united states)

My baby girl is 2 months of age now and I breastfed for the 1st month but her stool has only looked normal for a week, it is light and dark green, runny and smells really strong, my 3 yr old son and I had a stomach bug and the pediatrician said that might be what's causing it and it should run it's course but that was over a month ago and my mama told me that me and my brother both had problems with formula that contained iron and that the iron in her formula could very well be the cause of it, I'm seriously wanting to change her formula, I give her gas drops but she is still pretty gassy and my mama said the formula could be the cause of that as well, any info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

I completely forgot to add that she only poos once a day or once every 2 days but doesn't seem constipated and never any blood her poop is always green and runny...

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Nov 08, 2011
my advice
by: Tess

I had the same problem until I changed to a soy formula, now my baby is happy. Why dont you try change the formula, either to a lower iron one or soy.

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