My experience - inability to breastfeed

by Dawna

I couldn't breastfeed either of my girls and I don't expect to with the one I am expecting.

I tried all the herbal remedies the second time around and both times I pumped. There was no difference in my milk production! I could only get 3/4 oz!

Although I was prepared for the possibility of not being able because my sister and my aunt were unable, it was still very hard and depressing!

Any lactation consultant I talked to or anything I read online gave me the impression that I was lying almost or not trying hard enough.

I've heard friends tell me they felt engorged in their whole breast when the most I felt was an inch from my nipples (and it took long past feeding time to feel that way)!

Why wouldn't it be possible for some women not to breastfeed? Just because your body is supposed to do something, doesn't mean it's going to.

For everything the body is supposed to do, there are people who can't do it! That includes producing milk! I wish the medical community would research this and try to find a way to help those of us that are dying to breastfeed but simply can't!

I am grateful for the encouragement and understanding of my family and doctor. They encourage me when I'm trying and reassure me when I have to stop!

They remind me that while I didn't give my baby very much, I gave her some in the most important time and that is worth a lot!

I want to pass on that same encouragement! Whether or not you decide to try and breastfeed again or not. You are doing what's best for your baby! You did your best and your baby will thrive on formula just as he/she would on breastmilk!

What you have given has added to the health and benefit of your baby and you should feel comfort in that!

Remember you are a loving mother that does what it takes to care for your baby and that means so much more than your inability to breastfeed!

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