My Experience with colic

by by Tabitha

Hi there.
I just thought i would share my experience that i have had so far. i have a six week old little girl called Abbie and she is my first child.

After she had been home about a week my mum noticed that she was showing colicy symptoms (she knew them because i had been a colicy baby). She then went to the local pharmacy and asked for anything that might help and was given the lactase enzymes.

I have to say that the lactase enzymes have worked an absolute miracle. She has been taking them for about 4 weeks now and the difference in her was extremely noticeable after a few days.

She was no longer in as much pain and didn't seem to have to work as hard to pass wind. Now it has to be said that she is a totally different baby.

I just thought i would share my story in case there are any other mums out there whom are struggling with a colicy baby.

All the best

Tabitha & Abbie

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