my struggles with breastfeeding

by Kristen Love
(Colorado Springs)

I am so comforted to see this...NOW. My little man is now 10 months old and I went through such pain, depression, and judgement over my struggles with breastfeeding.

My little one lost 1 lb in the hospital, and his stomach was full of amniotic fluid nd we could not breastfeed for the first 24hrs as much as we tried.

The lactation consultants at the hospital made me feel terrible, but sent me home with a very intense plan and formula to supplement with. We tried and tried and tried for 6 weeks.....from birth to 6 weeks his total weight gain was only 2 ounces...yet he was having enough wet he suffered from some pretty severe acid reflux.

I was berated by other moms and the lactation consultants being told "it was my technique, I was being selfish by not wanting to pump even though I was pushing through to pump, and that every woman can breastfeed, I just needed to stic with it and try harder."

Finally my wonderful pediatrician explained that I was producing "skim milk" and that he was hydrated, but needed "whole milk" to grow.

We switched to formula and he has finally grown and is wonderful now. But that whole experience led to post pardum depression and anxiety.

I hope other women out there will be gentle with themselves and remember that THE most important thing is taking care of your baby and helping them to grow and matter how you choose to do it!!

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