Need Help

by Monique
(South africa)

Hi I'm a breastfeeding mother, my daugher is a year and 8 months now still breastfeeding on demand, oky I haven't had sex in 3 years I also haven't gor my period for the year and 8 months I breastfed my daugher oky, I had sex in the evening used a condom, then the next morning again without a condom and the withdrawn method, suddenly 5 days after the unprotected sex I started with my period...

Or I hope it was my period the first 2 days was meduim flow and for three days after just spotting,my nipples are very tenderness and I have a headace almost every day for the past week and uses the bathroom more often.

Can I be pregnant? If that was my preiod I must have it again in 4 days then I will take a test. But what could the chances be? Was it implantasion bleeding or my period?

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Feb 05, 2014
by: Lyssa

Often, women find their periods missing or irregular while breastfeeding. Then, as their baby slowly weans to nursing only several times a day, their period returns or becomes more regular.

Implantation bleeding is usually only light spotting and not heavy or constant flow. Light bleeding or spotting can also occur after sex where the cervix was irritated. If it is more than light spotting and more than one day, I would think signs point to it being a period.

Pregnancy can occur before your period returns, and can also happen with the withdrawal method.

Using a condom or other form of birth control would be good to prevent pregnancy and more effective than withdrawal.

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