New Mom Jewelry

Looking for a gift for a new mom? …here are some new mom jewelry ideas…nursing necklaces, teething necklaces and breastfeeding bracelets

New mom jewelry ~ NURSING NECKLACES

What are breastfeeding necklaces?

Most babies like to explore their surroundings while they nurse, a nursing necklace is worn by mom and serves as a distraction. It can give baby something to do instead of moving all over the place or tugging at your hair and clothing! ;-) Now you can give baby something fun to examine while you breastfeed. These necklaces can be just as useful for the distracted bottle fed baby too.

Where can you get one?

From colorful plastic necklaces to more sophisticated stone or even silver ones…there are a large range of different styles. Moms could even make their own nursing necklaces which could be a fun project with your older children.

What are the benefits of using a nursing necklace?

- It stops fidgeting, hair pulling, pinching and even biting

- It provides visual and tactile stimulation

- It gets baby focusing on something so that they don’t become too distracted.

A safe nursing necklace

- NB – Don’t let baby bite a nursing necklace, and don’t let baby play with a nursing necklace unsupervised. It’s a choking and strangulation hazard.

- The beads should be strung on a strong cord, ensuring that it doesn’t snap. The nicest ones I’ve seen are made from leather. But that’s a personal preference.

A great wardrobe accessory and Baby teether in one...

- Don’t get necklaces with wood or glass beads as these may brake

Make your own nursing necklace

- Get some leather lace and a stone pendent (doughnut shapes are best for baby to hold on to) Make sure the pendant isn’t small enough for baby to swallow

- Tie the leather onto the pendant so that it doesn’t move on the lace.

- Tie a knot at the ends of the leather

New mom jewelry ~ TEETHING NECKLACES

- Try finding a nursing necklace that can be used as a teething necklace too. Make sure that it is specially made to put into baby’s mouth. The beads should be non toxic and put on a strong string. These beads should be designed especially for chewing on. This type of teething ring necklace should also be suitable for the dishwasher so that it can be sanitized frequently.

- Some teething necklaces “amber teething necklace” are worn by children when teething, but they are not designed to be chewed on, only worn… the stones are believed to have calming properties. 


What is a nursing bracelet?

A breastfeeding bracelet is used as a reminder to mom as to which breast was last breastfed from. A mommy bracelet will ensure that baby doesn’t drink more from one side…causing engorgement and pain.

The best brand of breastfeeding reminder bracelet I know of are Mothers Minder breastfeeding bracelets , they help new moms keep track of their babies feeding times, which breast last nursed, nap times, time last dose of medication was given, or 3rd trimester kick counting.

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