New Piercings!?

I've been using breast milk on my new ear piercing, still waiting for results! I've also been using it on my c-section scar, and a scar I have on my arm. Both of which are already looking better after only a few days! :D

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Sep 18, 2015
What about wrinkles and acne!
by: Tracy


Thanks for sharing!

That is amazing. I wish that I was still producing milk. Would have loved to try it on my breast lift and tummy tuck scars.

My friend is in the process of re-lactating and I just got a great idea. If breast milk can heal the skin so easily, then could it maybe be beneficial to use it on your face? To prevent wrinkles or heal acne?! I'm going to ask her for some, and try it out. Its worth a shot. Don't you think?

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