by Prachi

I am suffering (!) from oversupply problem..almost always got leaking breasts when I'm feeding on the other side.

Because of the oversupply, my baby is facing lactose overload ever since birth. She was misdiagnosed as Transitional Diarrhea-lactose intolerance- cow milk allergy n the problem was overlooked/treated accordingly. We took a break from BF for 3 days and put her on lactose free formula+ probiotic supplement which solved the problem of explosive stools with each BF session.

After resuming BF, may be bacause my breastmilk supply was reduced due to gap, her conditions improved a lot!!

But since a week the problem has started again and I'm planning a trial of expressing foremilk before taking her for feed. Let's see if this helps or else again 3 days break from BF and starting lactise free formula... If anyone has gone through same problem, suggestions are welcome

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Mar 13, 2015
by: Anonymous

I agree with you because i went through it with my baby up to 6 months but after starting solid food she got better. wish you the best.

Jul 29, 2015
leaking breast and foremilk himdmilk imbalance
by: somoni

I am going through the exact same thing. I tried block feeding but its not working.

Have tried block feeding with 9 bours gap. Was thinking of getting a lactose free formula too as my baby is suffering from lactose overdose as well.

I am so sick of leaking breast and foremilk himdmilk imbalance. Please let me know if you got any new suggestions

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