nipple shield she just does not want to eat with out it

by Alma

I have a 3 month old baby girl; since she was born she was breasfed. I use nipple shield. I tried without the nipple shield she just does not want to eat with out it. I am planning to breastfeed her 3 more months, im going back to work; is there anything I can take or do to increase my milk supply and still use nipple shield for those next 3 months...? I really want to breastfeed her and do not want to use formula while Im at home. I hope you can help me.
Thank you,

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Aug 13, 2011
your question...
by: Tracy

HI Alma

Have you tried Fenugreek? I use fenugreek and it doubled my supply. I use the 500mg tablets and take about 10 per day. It usually takes
about 2 days before you notice the difference.

I also use a juice called Gummy berry juice which works wonders and also helps keep me hydrated (which also has an effect on your milk supply)

The recipe:

> 2L water
> 1L apple juice
> 1 rehydrate (blackberry flavor)
> Rescue remedy. (you can skip this if you feel its unnecessary)

The most important is the black thorn extract 50ml

You mix them all together and drink this mixture every day.

other than theses things you should:
> - Breastfeed as often as possible
> - Pump in between breastfeeding sessions
> - Eat a big bowl of oats every morning
> - Use breast compressions while breastfeeding

Here are some pages on my site that might help:

hope this helps! ;-)

Aug 14, 2011
High Protein diet could help~
by: helpless mom

Hi Alma~

I've fully breastfeed (with expressed milk method)for my kid since ever since he got nipple confusion, that time he was 3-month-old...

Since he's not latching, I need to adjust my diet in order to stimulate the supply.
I've tried to maintain my milk supply by taken in good protein diet, I take in soy, fish and soup. Btw, black sesame might help. I can felt the engorgement after taken in black sesame everytime.

There's no funny myth in breastfeed, the more demand, the more supply it will be.
I'll expressed my milk every 3 hours, in order to enable my 'brain' get the message that the demand was there and yet our breast will produce more milk...

hope it's help! :)

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