No Let Down

by Jessica
(Prescott, AZ)

My milk stopped letting down completely and I can only feed him when I'm full or he's half asleep.

And even then it takes a little while to start up. I have to pump and cannot even do it before nursing because it will still just stop flowing.

It's incredibly stressful and saddening. It breaks my heart. My baby became sad and insecure so I spent more time skin to skin and it helped him.

But I don't have enough milk supply and when I get it up I cant keep it up. Not being able to nurse him makes it nearly impossible. And it's exhausting plus feeding him, entertaining him and rinsing everything every time in hot water.

It's all pumping and it hurts after a while. It's draining. And then there's no way I can nurse him when I have little or no milk.

Sometimes I let him try just to reassure him but have the bottle at hand when he gets frustrated. And I feed him with his cheek to my breast.

Sometimes he puts in the effort and latches on for a while and it works. I also have to supplement and after drinking a small amount he rejects it after nursing or after good breast milk.

I need to see a lactation consultant because this is killing me. I wish there was more on the internet to help. I found out to begin with my menstrual cycle was drying up the milk and it got better from there but still isn't good.

The times we can breastfeed naturally and successfully are the best most gratifying parts of my day, other than when he's awake and talking and smiling.

If you are struggling, feel better. Stay positive, I'm with you. Never give up, It's the best and most important thing for your baby. I have hope things will get better.

Also a trick for when the milk comes out and starts spraying, you can put a little pressure covering the nipple and with a cloth it covers it better because of the wetness, press in just a little (not too much or the pressure can force the flow to stop if you're like me especially) and it will stop the dripping and spraying. I usually always drip from the opposite side once the milk starts coming out and it ends up a wet spot on the baby's side. Not cool. Just in case you didn't already know this. There's my two cents.

Thanks, Jessica (21yrs) and Myles (3mos next week)

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Jan 30, 2015
let down and low production
by: Tracy

Hi Jessica

I always ask moms to first read the page "how do I know if my baby is drinking enough"

Is baby getting in enough milk

The best thing to do, is to have your baby at the breast as often as possible. A breast pump cannot stimulate breast milk production like a baby can.

Goats rue can increase breast milk production and increase the milk flow (let down).

There are foods that can help increase supply and let down...

lactogenic food list


Hope this helps

Sep 23, 2015
So very helpful :)
by: Anonymous

My baby is 2 months old. I am a 40 year old first time mom. I have been struggling with breast feeding since day one. I have seen lactation consultants, doctors, and of course grandmas, along with other moms. So far this has been the most helpful information. Thank you! I thought for awhile I was the only one experiencing these things. Good to know there are others and ways to help me. Thanks so much! :)

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