no milk supply at all

by Annie

I tried for 6 months for hours a day and night with no milk supply at all.

It was so stressful l was advised to do top up but that was a full bottle of formula.

So instead I was told it will keep buy a professional pump nothing came ,made my poor baby suck for hours a day frustrated and he would kick and kick me it was the worst experience ever.

I wish I never put him through it, as soon as he got the bottle he was so happy.

I kept trying as they said I am not trying hard enough. Looking back I feel it was very wrong of me to put my baby through that for so long I should have just stopped making him try for 2 hours before he got the bottle it was so unfair on him. This is what I was advised to do, nothing came not one drop.

Why is this I still don't understand am pregnant with my second my little one is one years old and am stressed worrying about it?

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Jul 02, 2012
by: Michelle MOLESWORTH

Hi Annie.

There are many women who struggle with low milk supply. Did you really not make one drop when you pumped at all in all the six months? Or was it just a very small amount that you made?

I had low milk supply with my first and have since done much research into the matter.

The first 24-72 hours are very important in establishing your supply. A babys natural reaction after they are first born is to search for the breast. Have baby put straight on your chest so you and baby can initiate first breast feed asap. Then get the baby on there as often as possible in the next 24-72 hours. If you baby is not nursing much (may be drowsy from drugs during pregnancy) then have the pump ready to go early.

Spend lots of time hugging baby (preferably with skin on skin contact) in the early days as this actually raises your oxytocin levels and gets your milk supply established.

If you have low milk supply and still want to nurse, you may want to research supplemental nursing systems - this is a container that you can fill with formula and it has a thin tube that you tape to your breast. Your baby then gets some formula and breast milk at the same time (so you do not have to worry about your baby struggling and getting nothing like you did with your first).

Did you have breast changes in the first trimester of your first pregnancy? And did they change this pregnancy? Some women who did not have breast changes in first pregnancy and had low milk have taken progesterone supplements in the early days of their second pregnancy and then had breast changes and were able to breast feed next time round. But you are beyond this stage.

There are some medical conditions that can cause women to struggle with low milk supply
- Thyroid problems

I have done lots of research (too much to mention here) and would love to know more about your particular situation. Please feel free to email me directly - [email protected] Good luck.

Jul 03, 2012
by: Annie

Hi there,

Not much changes in my breasts this time or on my previous pregancy.Under huge amount of stress during both preganacies and have been on Morphine for a number of years due to se were spinal injuries and 8 major back operations which means I cannot sit up at all without excavating pain.Even feeding the baby lying down is very painful for me.

Howeever I did try very hard from day 1 after c section and put my body though a lot of pain trying.In the end after one month I managedbto produce 2 drops afters 24 hours of pumping after that I got nothing.

Maybe it's the pain I am not sure what do you think ?This time I am in so much pain I am pretty sure I will have to be on my strong painkillers soon after as it's unbearable right now.

Please do let me know your thoughts though as it was so frustrating not winning .My breats are not sore this time either nor have they become any bigger.

Jul 03, 2012
You are a GREAT mum
by: Michelle MOLESWORTH

Wow Annie

You will look back one day and be very proud of yourself. You love your children so much. You want to give them the very best start in life by breastfeeding.

And when you could not do that first time round, you were stressed and looked up websites and stumbled across this one. And now you are doing it again!

It sounds like stress is a MAJOR contributing factor to your problem. Stress reduces progesterone productions (a hormone that your placenta would otherwise produce) drastically!

Stress majorly affects your hormones. I know a girl who was adamant on breastfeeding and then after stress from her mother in law, had low milk supply and had to supplement with formula.

I know some one else who was expressing heaps, but then her house burned down when her son was two months old. Immediately, her milk supply dropped heaps and she went to formula.

You say you are undergoing huge stress this pregnancy - if there is anything I can do, PLEASE let me know; [email protected] Try to forget whatever is stressing you out right now for five minutes and do something you enjoy and see how you fell after that. You are a GREAT Mum!

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